These reflections are a result of more than 40 years of ministry as a Roman Catholic priest. Most of these years I spent in the Diocese of Charlotte which covers Western North Carolina. Now I am retired, and live in Medellín, Colombia where I continue to serve as a priest in the Archdiocese of Medellín.

Tax collectors and sinners were all drawing near to listen to Jesus, but the Pharisees and scribes began to complain, saying, "This man welcomes sinners…


Friday, 01 March 2024 00:00

Friday, Week II, Lent

Israel loved Joseph best of all his sons, for he was the child of his old age; and he had made him a long tunic.…


Thursday, 29 February 2024 00:00

Thursday, Week II, Lent

Jesus said to the Pharisees: "There was a rich man who dressed in purple garments and fine linen and dined sumptuously each day. And lying…


Wednesday, 28 February 2024 00:00

Wednesday, Week II, Lent

Jesus said to his disciples: “Whoever wishes to be great among you shall be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you shall be…


Tuesday, 27 February 2024 00:00

Tuesday, Week II, Lent

Make justice your aim: redress the wronged, hear the orphan's plea, defend the widow. (Is 1:10, 16-20)https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/022724.cfmWhen we hear the words “Sodom and Gomorrah,” we…


Monday, 26 February 2024 00:00

Monday, Week II, Lent

Jesus said to his disciples: "Stop judging and you will not be judged. Stop condemning and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will…
Sunday, 25 February 2024 00:00

Sunday, Week II, Lent

Then a cloud came, casting a shadow over them; from the cloud came a voice, "This is my beloved Son. Listen to him." (Mk 9:2-10)https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/022524.cfmThe…


Jesus said to his disciples: "You have heard that it was said, You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say to…


Friday, 23 February 2024 00:00

Friday, Week I, Lent

Therefore, if you bring your gift to the altar, and there recall that your brother has anything against you, leave your gift there at the…


Thursday, 22 February 2024 00:00

Chair of Saint Peter, February 22

And when the chief Shepherd is revealed, you will receive the unfading crown of glory. (1 Pt 5:1-4)https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/022224.cfmThe wonderful part of being Catholic is we…


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